V.O. Dojo Programs and Belt Levels

As is traditional in martial arts dojos, the V.O. Dojo breaks down your voiceover journey into belt levels – understandable and achievable sections that mark your progress from experiencing the first spark of interest in voiceover to becoming a master of your craft. 


Here's how our programs and belt levels work together:

The "You Should Do Voiceover" Weekend Intensive builds awareness and offers participants a wonderful introduction to the world of voiceover. As a White Belt, you'll have the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of voiceover copy in a safe and supportive environment, understand the what it takes to build a sustained career in V.O., and get a thorough overview of the many ways your voice could be making money.

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From Mystery to Mastery is the V.O. Dojo's program for voiceover artists who are ready to get seriously started with their careers. M2M is full training, demystifying the art and business of voiceover while guiding members through the five belts:

  • YELLOW BELT – Exploration – playing with the awareness awakened in the YSDO intensive,  continuing to explore the genres of voiceover, and laying your foundation of skills.
  • GREEN BELT – Self Exploration/Demo Preparation – sharing your truth, trusting your voice, and finding out what YOU’RE bringing to the voice over party in preparation for your demo
  • BLUE BELT – Demo Production – we guide you as you find the copy that resonates with you to create a demo that is as cutting-edge competitive as it is truly you.
  • BROWN BELT – Integration – getting your knockout demo into the world, showing you how to find the right representation, building your own client list, and creating the sustained, successful voice over career that you want.
  • When you complete the M2M program you have earned your BLACK BELT status… Now you are ready… now your work begins

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Nth Degree  helps working voiceover professionals maintain their momentum, kickstart their careers, or revitalize their V.O. mojo! Whether you've been in the industry for two months or twenty years, Nth Degree's workouts, audition feedback, and career counseling sessions can get you on track to making your voiceover dreams a reality. For Black Belts/Working Pros.

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V.O. Dojo Pro Fight Club is THE voiceover workout and workshop to be a part of. Each monthly session features an industry decision maker who brings new copy, auditions participants, gives constructive feedback, then chooses who would get the job and discusses why. Everyone's a winner, but one voice is chosen. For Black Belts/Working Pros.

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