So much more than just a voiceover class...

"Last March, I was new to voiceover and decided to check out the VO Dojo’s 'You Should Do Voiceover' Weekend Intensive. One year later, I’m a VO Dojo Black Belt represented by William Morris Endeavor.

Tish will change the way you think about voiceover. Yes, she'll deliver countless juicy tips and tricks of the trade – but even better, she'll give you real insight into the process of mastering the art of VO and help you develop your plan of attack. This is not just any voiceover class. This is deep, important work. The supportive community, the professional connections, and the intense training you get at the VO Dojo are absolutely invaluable. You'll wish you started years ago."

– Jason Vande Brake - YSDVO, March 2013 • M2M Member • Nth Degree Member


Way more grounded, way more specific, way more me...

"I recorded my second V.O. spot today! It was for a new online Sprint campaign. Our conversation definitely helped me book this one. I made a noticeable shift (at least to myself) when I recorded my initial audition for this spot. Way more grounded, way more specific, way more me. So thank you again for all the wisdom you gave me not that long ago."

Alex Hersler - V.O. Dojo Coaching client in San Francisco


I'm signed with a great agent and have booked several radio and TV spots!

"I cannot recommend Tish enough. I had some success prior to meeting Tish, but that was almost by accident. I couldn't figure out how to maintain any momentum in my career. Tish was able to help me focus on my strengths and offered guidance on how to improve my weaknesses. On top of that she was extremely helpful in my search for good V.O. representation. As a result of our combined efforts, I am now signed with an excellent agent, and have booked several television and radio spots. Thank you, Tish."

Chris Pauley - V.O. Dojo Coaching Client • Pro Fight Club Member

EthanSawyer (2).JPG

Gave me the confidence I needed to win over the first agency I met with... 

"Working with Tish over the past two years has been instructive, illuminating, and always inspiring. I first attended a "You Should Do Voiceover" workshop thinking, "I'll try this out and see how it goes." I knew I loved doing voices, but had always been told, "It's really hard to break into the V.O. world." But with Tish I never felt that way. She helped me see a V.O. career as fun, fulfilling, lucrative, and above all accessible. Tish is great at demystifying, and has helped me see that V.O. is a craft that's exceedingly learnable.

Sessions in the V.O. Dojo have been for me a source for connections, support, and epiphanies: it's where I first heard of the demo-producer I ended up working with, where I always feel safe to play/explore/screw up, and where I've come to several big realizations about how to use my voice. Though I may have made these breakthroughs eventually, on my own, I firmly believe the V.O Dojo helped induce them.

Weekly workouts in the Dojo also helped give me the confidence I needed to win over the first agency I met with. And it was through Tish that I received my first audiobook audition. And I booked it. I so value Tish's guidance, wisdom and support and can't thank her enough for all she's done to help me launch a very cool career."

Ethan Sawyer - YSDVO Intensive, November 2010 • M2M Member


Before I even finished the class, I booked a huge video game!

"So I took Tish's class, which was an amazing overview of the voiceover world. With her help I uncovered my ability to do video games, and before I even finished the class, I had booked a HUGE video game which gave me work for the next nine months. Tish was extremely insightful and gave me amazing direction and guidance. The money I made on the video game helped me buy an amazing microphone and make a video game reel, with plenty left over. Thank you, Tish. You are amazing!"

Valorie Hubbard - YSDVO Intensive, November 2011


Best. Voiceover. Workshop. Ever.

"Best.  Voiceover. Workshop. EVER. – last night at the V.O. Dojo!!! This new 'Fight Club' workshop created by Tish Hicks is cool. Check it out, and stay thirsty, my friends."

Ed Cunningham - Voice Artist


An INCREDIBLE value, chock full of information...

"Tish, your wonderful "You Should Do Voiceover" class went far beyond my expectations. The class itself is an INCREDIBLE value, chock full of information. I particularly appreciated the clear overview of the industry and the opportunity to dip our toe into so many of those ‘niches.’ You are a passionate, organized and insightful teacher, not to mention incredibly encouraging, specific, and kind. Your humor cuts through the nervous waves one can get when diving into a new medium. Thank you!"

Melissa McFarlane - YSDVO Intensive, April 2011


Tish's insights are fresh, learnable, and inspiring...

"YSDVO is a great intro to voiceover work, whether you've done some V.O. work already and want to explore other areas of the V.O. world or you're totally new to the craft. Tish is not only an amazingly talented V.O. artist but also an encouraging, positive and patient coach. I love how she gives you permission to be inexperienced and how she values the uniqueness of each person's voice. Her insights into what makes a V.O. performance work are fresh, learnable, and inspiring. I think of myself as more of a straight narrator voice, and I was truly frightened of trying animation, but she gave me some wonderful, simple ideas that took the pressure off my "performance" and allowed me to just explore and go for it. Lots of information, effectively presented."

Emily Hache - YSDVO Intensive, February 2012


Brushed off the V.O. cobwebs and signed with Abrams Artists!

"I am so incredibly grateful for all that you have done to help me be at my best for my meeting (and now representation) at Abrams Artists. They all love you and naturally asked how I knew you. In addition to our Northwestern connection, I shared with them that I called on you last year to help me brush off the voiceover cobwebs as I was able to once again focus my life on my passion for voiceover work.  

Our personal coaching sessions and my time at the Dojo listening to others and working myself is invaluable. You have a great way of helping us all look at copy and encouraging the exploration of different reads. You are also an amazing cheerleader and your positive outlook on our business is not only supportive, but also infectious. Thank you, Tish, for being open, available, and helpful. I look forward to more workouts at the Dojo to keep honing my V.O. chops!"

– Pilar Kuhn - Nth Degree Member

rebecca m square.png

Finished my demo and signed with a fantastic agent! 

"I'd worked with Tish in the LA theater scene, so when I decided to expand my acting career into voiceover, I knew the V.O. Dojo was the place to go. Tish focuses on the craft of acting in her work, so even though I was new to V.O., I was able to jump in with both feet using the experience I already had in my stage and on-camera work. The Dojo became my V.O. workout ritual, exposing me to other actors with a full range of expertise, guiding me from being a 'White Belt' - sharpening my skills and building my confidence to finishing my demo and signing with a fantastic agent. Now I'm a 'Brown Belt', putting all of that Dojo experience into practice in the industry, and I know the Dojo will help keep me moving forward as I continue to expand my V.O. career."

Rebecca Metz - V.O. Dojo Coaching Client


The rewards are incredible...

"If you are serious about mastering the art of voiceover, I strongly recommend you study with Tish Hicks. The "From Mystery to Mastery" program is not easy; there are no shortcuts. I can assure you, though – if you put in the work and the time, Tish will guide you and teach you everything you need to know. As the title suggests, you may be starting from a place where voiceover is a mystery, but you will master it! Voiceover is one of the hardest things I have done, but the rewards are incredible. Thank you, Tish!"

Lisa Costanza - M2M Member 


I get so much out of each Pro Fight Club... Well worth the price!

"Pro Fight Club is a GREAT place for working pros to "workout" their voice muscles and work with decision makers in the industry. I get so much out of each Fight Club! Well worth the price. Not only do you get to see what other pros do with the copy, but you get personalized feedback on your own! Love it."

– Matt Corboy - Professional Voice Actor, Pro Fight Club Member