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Thinking about voiceover? Looking to re‑energize?

Join us for our next “You Should Do Voiceover” Live Weekend Intensive in L.A., Nov. 8–10 and discover all the ways your voice could be your career. Or join us virtually for six weeks, Nov. 4th–Dec. 9th.

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Join us for an exclusive tour of Apogee Studios in Santa Monica

Get demonstrations of all of Apogee’s latest lines of mics and equipment — plus a 20% discount for everyone who comes.

Wednesday, Oct. 23
11:00 am (Pacific)

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What makes a winning demo?

We put voiceover demos to the test!

“Demo-listen Derby” Webinar REPLAY

Join LA Voice Pro Tish Hicks and producers Ryan Ricks & Brittany Cox from Next Level Voice Demos to see how different demos stack up. Catch the replay of this fast, fun, and free online training, covering all genres.


Voiceover: The Actor’s Secret Weapon

Online Presentation with Tish Hicks

We’re on live now — Join us!
10:30–11:30 am

Learn how to make voiceover the Secret Weapon that can fuel your life as a performer and create a fun, fresh, long-term source of income. You’ve worked hard to develop your talents as an actor, singer, improviser, storyteller… don’t leave money on the table!

Join voice pro Tish Hicks (Subaru, Citibank, GTA5) for a jam-packed two hours on making voiceover work for you: how to break in and break through, working in different genres and different markets.

Your voice is a powerful thing.

Your voice can persuade, provoke, entertain, and delight. It can change minds, touch lives, spark ideas, and create worlds. Your voice can even be your career. Whether you’re a beginner looking to break in or a seasoned pro prepared to take your talent to the next level, The V.O. Dojo will help you get there.

We’re a training, networking, and resource center connecting voiceover actors of all levels. The V.O. Dojo's unique approach, inspired by the discipline of martial arts and the playfulness of improv, will encourage you to approach your craft fearlessly and with the wisdom of a warrior.

Find your voiceover center at the V.O. Dojo.

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So much more than just a voiceover class...

"Last March, I was new to voiceover and decided to check out the VO Dojo’s 'You Should Do Voiceover' Weekend Intensive. One year later, I’m a VO Dojo Black Belt represented by William Morris Endeavor.

Tish will change the way you think about voiceover. Yes, she'll deliver countless juicy tips and tricks of the trade – but even better, she'll give you real insight into the process of mastering the art of VO and help you develop your plan of attack. This is not just any voiceover class. This is deep, important work. The supportive community, the professional connections, and the intense training you get at the VO Dojo are absolutely invaluable. You'll wish you started years ago."

– Jason Vande Brake - YSDVO, March 2013 • M2M Member • Nth Degree Member


I'm signed with a great agent and have booked several radio and TV spots!

"I cannot recommend Tish enough. I had some success prior to meeting Tish, but that was almost by accident. I couldn't figure out how to maintain any momentum in my career. Tish was able to help me focus on my strengths and offered guidance on how to improve my weaknesses. On top of that she was extremely helpful in my search for good V.O. representation. As a result of our combined efforts, I am now signed with an excellent agent, and have booked several television and radio spots. Thank you, Tish."

– Chris Pauley - V.O. Dojo Coaching Client • Pro Fight Club Member

rebecca m square.png

Finished my demo and signed with a fantastic agent! 

"I'd worked with Tish in the LA theater scene, so when I decided to expand my acting career into voiceover, I knew the V.O. Dojo was the place to go. Tish focuses on the craft of acting in her work, so even though I was new to V.O., I was able to jump in with both feet using the experience I already had in my stage and on-camera work. The Dojo became my V.O. workout ritual, exposing me to other actors with a full range of expertise, guiding me from being a 'White Belt' - sharpening my skills and building my confidence to finishing my demo and signing with a fantastic agent. Now I'm a 'Brown Belt', putting all of that Dojo experience into practice in the industry, and I know the Dojo will help keep me moving forward as I continue to expand my V.O. career."

– Rebecca Metz - V.O. Dojo Coaching Client

EthanSawyer (2).JPG

Gave me the confidence I needed to win over the first agency I met with... 

"Tish helped me see a V.O. career as fun, fulfilling, lucrative, and above all, accessible. She's great at demystifying, and has helped me see that V.O. is a craft that's exceedingly learnable."

Ethan Sawyer - YSDVO, November 2010 • M2M Member